Birdie Hop, F1 Edition: Iberian’s Social Corner

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Hey you tweeps! Welcome to our latest and greatest: F1 Social Corner. I’m pretty sure there are many countless posts out there similar to this one, however we wanted to get our foot in the door as well.

So what’s this strange animal called “Birdie Hop, F1 Edition”? Well, it’s my personal column where I poke fun at Formula One’s media people, drivers and journos. Why F1 – F everyone, as Fake Ecclestone’s Twitter bio once used to read.

We actually once ran a real interview with fake social media personalities (Exclusive Interview with Fake Fernando Alonso and Fake Vivian Sibold), a LONG time ago! Check it out here though, it’s now pretty vintage and historic: click here.

Every now and then, we’ll spit out a Top Ten of F1 weekly/monthly ridiculousness.

Let’s face it: social media came and ruined our lives. When in the olde-worlde days we would watch F1 races on an analog-like goggle-box and patiently wait for a printed magazine to arrive at our doorstep and read all the info, behind the scenes and paddock gossip, when photographs truly meant something, enter Zuckerbrod, Twitter and Co.. Smartphone pics and stupid hashtags – despicable stuff. On this positive note, let’s start our inaugural final countdown.

10. Ferrari goes OMG LOL TWEEPS. I wonder what would Enzo have done. To the person who came up with this rubbish. After a bottle of wine he used to drink for lunch. That would’ve been very, very, very, very ugly.

9. Valtteri’s driver-sponsor activation tweet. I can see his scary moustache in the picture. A self-confessed Mercedes driver in his Merc days, Bottas now drives an ‘Alfer’. But you don’t bite the hand that feeds. Audi Posi-tron next, that’s what I’m saying. Fully electric, of course. With a vegan interior. Responsibly sourced, one should add.

8. Drifting de la Rosa. What the hell just happened? Did I get high on acid or something? Nonetheless, this one falls into informative category of tweets. We got pedals, we got metal. We got Pedro. Drifting. I mean, he was the best in his Arrows days. 2000, with Jos as team-mate. V10 power. Full-on high-speed Hockenheim in the Teutoburg Forest and sh*t. Them kiddies will never know the thrill of those days. Effing Nokia 3310. Mate.

7. Pirelli’s stating the obvious type of tweet. It’s hard to be the sole tyre supplier in F1. Look at the tag tho: #Fit4F1 – is dat #2MuchOrWot?

6. AlphaTauri’s “Bim’s Bike” moment. That’s all I ever wanted to know this morning. Made my day. But wait for it, Red Bull’s response gets even better: “nope we definitely haven’t“. Who’s the best? I, me, mine.

5. HAAS’s claim to fame. Some positive thoughts ahead of fighting with perhaps Williams this time around, and we don’t mean that with disrespect.

4. Albon’s Paul Gauguin moment. Next stop: Albon raps or sings opera. Puccini’s ‘La Bohème’? Or Masta Kink’s ‘Wassup Da Fuq Mofos’.

3. Number 3 on our list is… Daniel Ricciardo who doesn’t tweet a lot but when he does, it’s high quality stuff.

2. Nico’s gold Rolex watch. Money, it’s a gas. Nice. I like it.

1. I’m there with GS: I would’ve done the same thing to the whole F1 paddock. But please don’t watch Netflix, it’s brainwashing at its absolute best. I don’t watch it and I’m perfectly fine, see?
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