Electric Wheel Guns, Suizo-Hispano, Because Pourchaire – Formula 2 in Bahrain

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Header image by Diego Merino.

What can we say about the season-opener in Bahrain: 2023 F2 boasts the strongest field in years, probably since Leclerc, Norris and Russell days. Being a slightly glorified version of GP2, Formula 2’s existence is wholly justified by the need to simplify the single-seater ladder from the FIA and Liberty. It certainly didn’t add up having multiple separate championships in the shape of GP2 / GP3 and the European F3, etc., it was confusing for the fans and kinda even more confusing for the drivers: where do you put your money and bet?

I’m glad they did it anyway and come 2023 I’m excited, mate. There’s about 10 possible candidates for the title, with Pourchaire having a bit of moral obligation to do a Drugovich and win it at his 3rd attempt. Sakhir was just the proof of that, with ART on form and on song with Martins as well.

ART-y but not farty – fast!

What a bunch of exciting rookies we’ve got: I’m betting on Maloney making a jump to F1 in 2024 with Tauri’s Alpha replacing either Yuki or Nyck, no disrespect to both drivers. Zane seems like Helmut Marko’s the gold standard type of competitor.

You then have no choice but to mention the following names: Bearman, Vesti, Doohan, Hadjar, Hauger, Iwasa and Verschoor (for perseverance and quietly but confidently plugging away).

Chasing not being blocked by Formula One Management

And what a great story developing with Ralph Boschung and Campos Racing – it was a totally and well deserved first win for the stalwart of the F2 Championhip.

Our own Sergio Álvarez once asked RB about “the magic bullet” behind his eventual success in F2 and the team’s role in it. I’ll repost Ralph’s words of wisdom for you below.

“I don’t think there’s any magic bullet. I think to do a good job there’s no magic, it’s hard work, understanding when things don’t go right and why, why they’re going like that. The people that we have at Campos are just amazing. I think in general if you have good people in the team and they have good understanding, you can make great things and I think that’s what we’re trying to achieve. And we’re slowly achieving it.”

Ralph Boschung, Campos Racing

We remember him as a little kid, testing GP3 machinery in 2016, racing the aforementioned machinery. Alongside Leclerc, Albon and Co.

Here he is in the HALO-less GP3 car.

Lil’ Ralph in 2016

Looking very pensive in a classic “wandering driver” pose.

Wanderer Ralph
A very emotional win, as they tweet

As Formula 2 moves to the Jeddah’s Corniche-on Circuit, you can be pretty sure it’s going to be ever crazier than normal. Wild full stop.

Our current top 10.

Pourchaire – 32 pts.

Boschung – 28 pts.

Maloney – 15 pts.

Maini – 14 pts.

Verschoor – 11 pts.

Iwasa – 9 pts.

Hauger – 8 pts.

Leclerc – 8 pts.

Martins – 6 pts.

Hadjar – 6 pts.

PS Check out F2’s electric wheel guns, as described by Formula 2 CEO Bruno Michel: “You may have noticed this on TV: our pitlane is the cleanest that it’s ever been, thanks to the introduction of electric wheel guns. The teams no longer need the gantries and the oxygen bottles that were necessary for the pneumatic wheel guns. This is something innovative that has a double benefit. First and very importantly, a cleaner pitlane means an increase of safety, which is in itself reason enough to introduce these new wheel guns. Secondly, this also has a positive impact on freight costs and on sustainability, having less freight to move from one venue to the next.” I’m impressed.

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