Movistar F1/2018: Sergio’s Column

Acto 1: La ocasión la pintan calva Domingo, 17 de septiembre de 2017. Antonio Lobato está sentado en el sofá de su casa, frente al televisor, con unas aceitunas y una cerveza en la mano. Es la víspera del Gran Premio de Singapur. Faltan apenas […]

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Grill the Grid Girls: Tony Weighs In

Grid Girls versus Grid Kids Let me be quite clear here, I think the recent decision by Liberty Media Group and the FIA banning Grid Girls on the F1 grid from 2018 is quite divisive and wrong. It appears to have been made in haste […]

Grill the Grid Girls: Sergio’s Column

Disclaimer: no grid girls were harmed in the making of this story! What is an ideology? There is some consensus among social scientists to regard ideology as any system of ideas whose utility is to provide a global explanation to the reality around us. Consequently, […]