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Why Did F1 Teams Go Testing?

It’s an interesting question: why do F1 teams cross the Iberian Peninsula to get to Barcelona? To go round in circles could be a good answer. Anyway, before all the new car ‘launching’ starts – and while F1 PR peeps are busy releasing into the […]

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#FOS Part 4

One of the most loved moments – at least for my generation of the FOS visitors – is undoubtedly finding anything related to Senna. 2019 brought us none other than the ‘crazy frog’ Taku, Takuma Sato driving the mighty MP4/4. The Indy 500 winner and […]

#FOS Part 3

Part 3 of Diego’s and Alejo’s visit to the Festival of Speed. For anyone with a serious car porn addiction this event is a must.