Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test 2: Day 4


And so it goes…

The next time we’ll see F1 cars and stars will be in Melbourne, the cars will look somewhat different from testing because funnily enough the pace of development outpaces even our wildest imagination. What was cool in Barcelona will be quickly forgotten (like a silver arrow from a corporate bow) and a thing of the past down under. The stars will sport a new pair of sunglasses.

Who’s gonna steal the thunder down under? For the sake of diversity and fun, we want an unexpected winner, why not Leclerc? Pictured above with Diego Merino (who brought you these exclusive photos in association with Clarksport), the Monegasque driver is perfectly capable of winning in the Ferrari matte red. Hulkenberg as a surprise podium finisher? Will Hondas explode or not? Williams possibly running their 1982 car since the FW42 keeps getting delayed or reworked? Will Smith coaching #TeamLH? AC/DC teaming up with Liberty for an earth-shattering two-second remix of ‘Highway to Hell’ featuring a series one-second films that appear to show a bunch of wombats driving behind the wheel of a tractor and grooving with a pict?

We’ll find out soon enough!

PS All images are for sale.

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