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Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test 2: Day 4

And so it goes… The next time we’ll see F1 cars and stars will be in Melbourne, the cars will look somewhat different from testing because funnily enough the pace of development outpaces even our wildest imagination. What was cool in Barcelona will be quickly […]

Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test 2: Day 3

Formula 1 is moving so fast. Only yesterday @paddylowe was in at Williams… and he’s out as of today! It’s a bit of an unfortunate situation for both parties involved. PL’s homecoming turned sour. There’s no doubt Paddy is super talented, it’s just the team […]

Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test 2: Day 2

& voilà, photos from day 2. Stay tuned for expanded commentary & unbeatable punditry. To be updated. I say yes, you say yes: here’s my update from the kitchen. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed following this whirlwind on-the-run F1 testing of 2019, it’s fast, […]

Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test 2: Day 1

We carry on with our series of photo reports from Barcelona Formula 1 winter testing, courtesy of Diego Merino and Clarksport. Notable absence from the paddock during test 1 was none other than the Daytona 24 / Rolex 24 winner (he got only one watch, […]

Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test: Day 4

And we’re down to our last post of the 24-hour F1 Barcelona photo marathon. There’s not much to add at this point other than testing is not what it used to be in the past when legendary test drivers ruled circuits around the world. Then […]

Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test: Day 3

A quick word on new F1 liveries: it’s not all bleak in the PR department! At long last! I like the latest authorized plagiarism of Classic Lotus by HAAS or Renault’s take on its own legacy, and even McLaren’s “f*** Ron Dennis” bright blue and […]

Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test: Day 2

Continuing with Diego’s sights (and sounds?) of Barcelona F1 test last week. We actually tend to like the look of new front wings: they’re cleaner, with less bits hanging all over the place. Even the nasty HALO does not spoil the overall picture! It’s also […]

Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test: Day 1

Diego Merino was recently in Barcelona, well not the main city with its wonderful El Bullidromes, fairly dangerous electric scooters and très sympa tapas-erias, but rather the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmeló (en español). Formula 1 first pre-season test being the main reason for Diego’s trip […]