Diego’s View of Barcelona F1 Test 2: Day 3


Formula 1 is moving so fast.

Only yesterday @paddylowe was in at Williams… and he’s out as of today! It’s a bit of an unfortunate situation for both parties involved. PL’s homecoming turned sour. There’s no doubt Paddy is super talented, it’s just the team is probably not the same any more. All I can see is PR-friendly stuff, awkward clichés (win as a team, lose as a team; we’ll learn from this, etc.) and no real action.

Maybe Williams, like Lotus before, will be reduced to its Historic Department, the circle must be completed?

Who is at fault and what must one do?

Hopefully, the team we all love can bounce back from this testing disaster (having to manufacture new parts right on the eve of the first test instead of the ones supposedly banned by the FIA, some say).

Leave radical ideas to Radical Sportscars!

PS All images are for sale.

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