Diego Merino on Charlie Whiting

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Charlie was/is/will be an integral part of F1 folklore, here’s Diego Merino’s tribute to CW.

Woke up today hearing very sad news from down under. Charlie Whiting has left a huge hole, both personal and professional, impossible to replace.

He had the respect of absolutely everybody in the sport, he always inspired calm and control of every situation and even aware of the smallest possible details happening during a race week, on and off track.

CW in his element

Extremely polite, with a dry sense of humour, always smiling, never running around, he always had control of his temper, even at the most tense of all situations. Having such great listening skills, he was always quiet and observant, inspiring confidence in everyone around him, inspiring confidence to make everyone do their best possible job.

The F1 Paddock will be a poorer place without him.

F1 is non-stop, around-the-clock job

He will be very much missed, our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

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