Iberian feat. Tony H.


Today we’ll take a trip down memory lane with our main mix master, Tony H., who’s been scratching and turning the tables in the F1 paddock for about 40 years now. I doubt anybody in this world can boast the same collection of me-F1 driver photos.

Just to prove this, we put together a video presentation featuring Tony with various F1 personalities in Valencia, Spain. All photos date from June 2010 and were taken by your humble servant. Many thanks to the person who arranged this visit, he’ll know.

Let Jerez shake!

Tony with Formula 1 drivers
Tony with Formula 1 drivers
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2 thoughts on “Iberian feat. Tony H.”

  1. TonyJaveaF1 says:

    Blimey, you have been busy…. a nicely put together video, thanks. I think we both had a good time in the paddock there in Valencia and got to meet a lot of drivers and F1 personnel. Mind you, I am looking forward to meeting some more in hopefully more paddock visits. In less than a month’s time there should be some pics and info on the first of the 2012 F1 winter tests at Jerez… Tony H

  2. Yeah, hope so too. We’ll need Barcelona or Valencia races to achieve this goal though! They say both events want find their way out of FOM contract…

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