Off Track Feature: Iberian vs. Botero


As part of our expansion into other areas, we’re going to produce some (near) off track features in 2012. After all, motor racing is not all we do… we do all kinds of things.

The honour today belongs to one of Botero’s mighty sculptures which I discovered by chance while moping about Lisbon quite some time ago and it reminded me of Montoya. After all, FB (not Briatore) and Monty (not Python) both share the same nationality, now you can understand my interest. There’s something very montoyesque in the child’s face or his sheer size.

I know JPM was heavily criticized in his last year in F1, especially by pro-McLaren press; I seem to recall various hamburger jokes from Grand Prix Diary, etc., but let’s be honest: Monty was a character, probably a nasty little bastard, but still a character. I was slightly disappointed with him in 2004, maybe he could’ve done a bit better. Whatever the weather, his 2003 Monaco win was a mighty classic, I will fondly remember that one.

The statue, which is the main talking point here, is called Maternidade or Maternity. In the light of my recent findings, I would like to suggest a different title – how about Montoya’s Childhood?

You can check out my Botero gallery below.

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