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Annus 2011 in Photus


Now’s the time to put together a gallery of my favourite pics from 2011 (click here) and I had to expand to 25 instead of 20 last year. Why not? Maybe next year it’ll be 30!

Seriously, we had a great time in 2011; if I (switching between pronouns is fun) had to pick out a single feature that I’m extremely proud of, it would probably have to be my Monsanto F1 blog and photos. V de V gallery also seems close to being a complete work of art and Jerez F1 testing movie came out splendid, no. I think I could’ve done a better job with the WRC but that’s our aim for 2012, this amazing championship deserves special attention from yer humble servant.

I’m pretty pleased with the way this project has worked so far, it’s something 110% basic and relaxed. The idea to use very simple cameras to create unexpected effects was justified, I mean that’s what you do – you capture moments.

2012? Dunno, let’s wait and see, for sure, you know. I would need a sponsor to do long distance travel and maybe expand to the other side of the border (Spain that is). So many new and exciting tracks, so much to see!

Thanks a lot to Tony and Rene for their guest posts, that was extremely cool and generous. More guest posts next year, that’s what I’m saying…

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