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It’s that time of year again and Uncle Iberian knows exactly what it means: V de V Sports comes to town.

Obviously (Schum’s favourite word), I’ve been to this wonderful event before, but happy to say I got it absolutely right at my 3rd attempt as 2009 pics were all lost (still can’t find the CD), and 2010 pics didn’t come out exactly as I’d planned.

You’ll be able to find more info about V de V on their website. In case you’re too lazy, it’s a European-based racing series where pros are mixed with gentleman drivers: Frédéric Makowiecki (FIA GT1) made a special appearance last year and in 2011 Anthony Beltoise (fresh from his ILMC Zhuhai adventures) was present in Estoril. AB is probably better known for his involvement in the McNish disaster in Le Mans a few months earlier (not to mention his famous parents!). There was no McNich in sight this time, it didn’t matter though because the race itself was filled with small and big crashes and lots of pushing and shoving with no serious consequences.

With V de V, I was accustomed to Solution F‘s beautiful Volvo prototypes (they make lovely sound), a bunch of roaring Porsches with Ferrari, Audi and Ginettas in the mix. Some novelty (for the Portuguese round) came in the form of BMW-shaped GC10-V8 powered by a Chevrolet engine. Not a bad combination!

V de V is actually the brainchild of Eric Van de Vyver (hence the title) who’s a great guy and if you follow Endurance-Info website, you’ll probably know more about him and his exploits.

We did a small Q&A with the man last year, I kinda like it so I decided to reproduce it here once again (it’s in French, bien sûr!)

Q&A with V de V Sports Founder Eric Van de Vyver

Q: Combien de constructeurs participent à V de V, et qui sont-ils?

EVDEV: En Proto: Norma, Ligier, Juno, Wolf, Merlin, Funyo, Radical, BioRacing. En GT: Porsche, Ferrari, Mosler, Lamborghini, Viper, BMW, Aston Martin, Racecar, Corvette, GC 10, Solution F, Renault, etc..

Q: Le sport automobile est une discipline qui requiert énormément de sponsors, et un budget conséquent. Quels conseils donneriez-vous à ceux qui souhaiteraient créer une compétition comme V de V?

EVDEV: Il faut avant tout être passionné.

Q: Quelle relation entretient V de V avec la FFSA, notamment en terme de réglementation?

EVDEV: Nous entretenons des relations privilégiées quant à l’élaboration de nos règlements.

Q: Il semble que V de V soit une véritable affaire de famille. Quels sont les avantages et inconvénients d’une telle association?

EVDEV: Avantages: la confiance et le plaisir d’être en famille. Inconvénients: être le père de Laure, Guillaume, et Charles et le mari de Carine.

Q: Il apparait également que V de V représente avant tout le témoignage d’une passion pour le sport automobile. Pensez-vous que la passion se perde dans les séries surmédiatisées telles que le DTM, Le Mans ou même la F1?

EVDEV: Il n’y a plus beaucoup de sport, il n’y a plus que l’argent qui compte surtout en F1 et DTM.

Q: Quelle différence majeure sépare de telles séries de compétitions comme V de V, selon vous?

EVDEV: L’argent!

PS Check out race results by clicking here. Photos are in the same location.

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