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Jerez F1 Testing Pics, Day 3, Paddock Shots

Atmosphere in the paddock – for your eyes only. It was difficult to produce anything new; in fact, nothing’s changed since 2011 – at best the Renault motorhome is now called Lotus and team garages were distributed slightly differently. No Marussia F1 unfortunately, I liked […]

Iberian feat. Tony H.

Today we’ll take a trip down memory lane with our main mix master, Tony H., who’s been scratching and turning the tables in the F1 paddock for about 40 years now. I doubt anybody in this world can boast the same collection of me-F1 driver […]

Renault F1 Team - Team Spirit

RF1 Team – Blue and Orange Years (Part 2)

Two weeks ago I wrote a small article dedicated to my vision of the blue and orange R(enault)F1 period. This week I’m digging even deeper into the origins of Renault F1 team blog with a BIG help from… RF1 PP! Yes, the mysterious Renault F1 Paddock […]

Guest Post: Supercars for Superstars

International Superstars Series – Valencia 7 & 8 May 2011 Now I am sure you will be asking yourself… what the hell is that! It is a new series of saloon car motorsport. Let me explain….. When I saw that my local race circuit was […]

Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

While My V8 Gently Weeps

It’s now time to sum up my little trip to Jerez F1 testing which resulted in three galleries and one movie (coming soon). The mood was definitely different this time, especially in the paddock where Renault Sport F1 trucks stood out from the rest – the car […]

Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

JPS – Jerez Paddock Shots

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you JPS. Available on demand. Please drop me a line if you’re interested. Don’t drop nothing otherwise. Tanks! MASSIVE UPDATE: HERE ARE the photos! AND NOW: some never B4 seen stuff as well, wow.