Mixing the Colours with FIF1


I was talking F1 liveries only a couple of days ago in a boring monologue and I asked myself a question – what’s the most exciting livery in Formula 1 right now? It had to be Force India’s mad combination of colours (I mean it in a good way). I can’t get enough of orange these days and as you probably noticed, I also used green here on the blog with the header; maybe van Gogh was indeed one of my distant relatives? Can’t be a coincidence… Ears, or rather the lack of at least one of these wonderful body parts, also unite Vincent Van and Niki Lauda. Art and Formula 1 ARE related, that’s what I’ve been saying for ears… sorry, I mean years.

To top it all off, I received an intriguing e-mail today and it had everything to do with… Force India! I had no choice but to declare this week the Official FIF1 Week on the Iberian blog. It’s easy since I’m a massive fan of Paul di Resta.

Some photos in this compilation (which you can find below) are not particularly mind-blowing works of art in the fine style of Darren Heath or the classical manner of P-H Cahier, but I have my moments. I like experimenting with different tools – that’s how I picked up a digital camera and just went for it without any previous knowledge about photography. In hindsight, it was a bad decision but it felt kind of cool to be able to one day look back at certain events in my life and say: “I was there when driver ‘X’ tested an F1 car for the first time and now he’s the World Champion, I’ve got a photo somewhere.” That sort of thing. Donald Darko would call this concept IMG (Infant Memory Generators); I call it LMG (Liquid Memory Generators). The biggest challenge for me (with Formula 1 events) is to pack everything into one or two days or sometimes just a couple of hours (rain, hail or shine), whereas professional guys would typically have four full days with access to almost everything; I’m still quite happy with the end result.

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