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Spanish Massage, Part 7

“Spiritual awakening” – how’s that for a short description of the Jerez Formula 1 test? Yes, while Formula 1 teams and drivers are busy practising esalen massage at the second official pre-season test of the 2015 in Barcelona, we’ll look back at Jerez, albeit with […]

Spanish Massage, Part 1

Things happen for no reason at all, sometimes they don’t happen at all. Maybe they happen for a reason after all… “redaction” has just been informed that it will be travelling to Jerez Formula 1 happening, or as my Oxford dictionary puts it, “altogether […]

Spanish F1 Caravan – Jerez Winter Testing 2013

Jerez is as important to Formula 1 as Formula 1’s European races are to Bernie Ecclestone – and I mean it. The circuit is pretty outdated by modern standards but has a nice friendly atmosphere and teams gathered a lot of data over the previous […]

Mixing the Colours with FIF1

I was talking F1 liveries only a couple of days ago in a boring monologue and I asked myself a question – what’s the most exciting livery in Formula 1 right now? It had to be Force India’s mad combination of colours (I mean it […]

Off to Sherryland

Uncle Iberian is absolutely delighted to announce his departure in the Iberian-mobile to Jerez de la Frontera in Spain where the second session of Formula 1 winter testing is about to begin. Here I’m supposed to thank my sponsors (and express more delight) but it […]