Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

Art of the Kart


I’ve been wanting to write something on karting for a long time but I managed to miss all the important karting events in the area this year, so in 2011 I’ll dedicate more attention to this wonderful category of motor racing. My first big karting day out will be next month; hopefully I’ll be able to bring back home some crazy images and a lot of good memories.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my KART LONGA, F1 VITA BREVIS notes on the art of the kart, a few simple images from my archive and this long amusing quote from Bridgestone Motorsport: “Tyre development for karts requires a huge amount of engineering know-how in a compact package as racing karts have no suspension. The diameter is smaller than other racing tyres, but attention to the technology of structure and compounds is essential for kart tyres.

Bridgestone drew on its experience for making tyres for go kart racing at amusement parks when introducing racing kart tyres in 1997 as a response to market demand. The tyres, scaled down versions of those used on Formula cars and designed for performance, offered a different profile from those used on amusement park go karts.”

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Photo by Uncle Iberian

Photo by Uncle Iberian

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