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Pleasures of Corporate Sponsorship in Formula 1

Not so long ago I penetrated Vodafone’s main offices in Lisbon in order to cancel my mobile broadband service (it was getting narrower and narrower) and was somewhat pleasantly surprised to discover a Formula 1 car (the shiny silver McLaren of course, Ferrari marketing people […]

Algarve Motor Park – In the Beginning

Well, life’s like that: the FIA GT1 World Championship comes to Portimão, while I must stay at home due to lack of funding and insane petrol prices which make travelling absolutely (and utterly) impossible. It sucks. In order to ease my pain I put together […]

RF1 Team – Blue and Orange Years (Part 1)

I decided to put together a small compilation of RF1 photos dating from 2007-2009 to celebrate the blue and orange period, which I know not that many people would want to celebrate anyway (check out the gallery below). I personally never felt bad about the […]

Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

Roar On, You Crazy McLaren

A couple of years ago I took a few photos of the 1978 McLaren F1 car demonstration run in Estoril; for some reason I never used those photos, so now’s the time. The car looked futuristic and it sounds slightly weird, because modern F1 cars are […]

GO Jérôme!

11 Things Likely 2 Happen in 2011

U2 will record a version of “Where the Streets Have No Name” called “Where the Teams Have No Name” especially for Tony Fernandes. Jérôme d’Ambrosio will score points in 2011 for MVR (I’ll eat my hair or run around any circuit in Spain or Portugal […]

Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

Art of the Kart

I’ve been wanting to write something on karting for a long time but I managed to miss all the important karting events in the area this year, so in 2011 I’ll dedicate more attention to this wonderful category of motor racing. My first big karting […]