Nightracing. Greatracing. V de V racing.


Night photography usually produces some interesting results. The only problem for me is that I’ve never been to a night race before, so in 2010 I took care of it and made a shock appearance at V de V 6 Hours of Estoril GT race. It began in the afternoon and ended in the evening when it was cold, it didn’t rain so I felt like an actor, and I thought of Ma and I wanted to get back there.

It was actually my second visit to a V de V race in two years and I knew competition would be on the level but I didn’t expect to see a guy like Fred Mako – also known as Frédéric Makowiecki who normally races for Hexis AMR in the FIA GT1 World Championship – on the grid which was a pleasant surprise.

Now back to the main subject of this blog. My basic camera with limited exposure functions is not really suited for night photography; however, they managed to add “Capturing Fireworks” feature to Fuji Schlock (sorry about the swear-word) Pix. It very much saved my sorry a$$; the real challenge was to compensate for the lack of the tripod which I obviously left at home. I used walls and other urban “legends” as artificial tripods; in some cases I shook the camera a bit to obtain the famous blurry pics effect.

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