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When the Racing’s Over…

Yeah, I mean… I’ve been meaning to repost these pics for quite some time now and without question they’re proper vintage in 2020, a good 13 years after they’ve been originally taken (in addition considering what happened to the man as well). So let’s talk […]

Addio Paolo!

Sad news today with the passing away of Paolino Scaramelli – legendary nº1 Ferrari F1 mechanic, who prepared cars for Lauda and Villeneuve. Paolo was part of the myth, as he continued to work in Maranello until the late 90s, charged with preparing Schumacher test […]

Schumacher is leaving Mercedes GP

Schumacher Set to Announce His Own Formula 1 Team

Today we can exclusively reveal that Michael Schumacher is set to announce his own Formula 1 team in Malaysia next week, which comes as a huge shock to the German’s current Mercedes GP squad. The team will be sponsored by Bad Motherf#cker wallets and a […]