When the Racing’s Over…


Yeah, I mean…

I’ve been meaning to repost these pics for quite some time now and without question they’re proper vintage in 2020, a good 13 years after they’ve been originally taken (in addition considering what happened to the man as well).

So let’s talk multi-champs, shall we? Your Schumis or Hams, Loebs or Rossis. How exciting are they in reality, how boring can they be when we separate audio from video, so to speak?

I’m actually undecided on the matter in hand as it’s a cleft stick situation; I don’t wanna say anything nasty about our sport’s greats because of their tangible legend/hero status thay they seem to have attained, while also being aware of hordes of their adoring fans and what they can do to me if I don’t share the same sentiments.

I will say this though: I find Salo more amusing than Schumacher and Grosjean more influential in cooking than Hamilton.

It’s quite possible that winning becomes a drug substitute for many, like heroin or tweetoin, it’s as if you have to repeat this amazing sensation over and over again or bust. It could be a business decision, I dunno, but something, that mere mortals like you and me don’t quite get, for sure drives these guys to achieve more and more, go way beyond, blah-blah-blah. Does winning feeling make them constipated?

What happens when the racing’s over? They take up… gardening?

I loved these billboards (from 2007) featuring Schumi so much that I made it my priority to discover as many as I could. So these photos – all showing one and the same ad #twins – come from three different locations in Portugal.

Fuel got burnt, CO2 was emitted in the process. Damn proud #petrolhead.

I’ll only add I’d love to see Mick on the F1 grid next year, we need the Schumacher name back. Badly.

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