Portuguese Grand Prix: the Art (Updated)


You know, it’s nice when Formula One teams go so far as to design proper artwork to celebrate a Grand Prix. Some (team bosses?) seem to dig it, some don’t – and that’s why it probably has never caught on ‘bigly’ in the paddock. Illustrators cost money, just to illustrate.

I’ve enjoyed following what Ferrari and Renault have been doing on their social media channels (@cirebox does a great job for other motorsport-related accounts as well, go check it out).

I thought I’d save some of it for posterity, after all it’s the first Portuguese GP in 24 years. It’s been a while.

Looking back on this post in 2051, users will surely smile and give it a like: everyone will have abandoned Earth by then, hominids will learn how to implant 55G chips in their brain; the most advanced smartphones ever will be made out of muons and F1 races are going to be held on Mars at specially designed ‘space-odromes’.

You think I’m joking, well think again.

Mystery billboard

Mystery billboard

Mystery billboard

Mystery billboard

Du coup, on Friday, just outside my apartment building and next to my local recycling point (we recycle at Iberiannmph HQ), I discovered a mysterious billboard advertising Mercedes F1 cars… Shortly afterwards I spotted another one nearby stating that Mercs are – and I quote – racing at home. I had no idea it was a Portuguese team! That one I forgot to take a photo of, maybe later.


But wait, there’s more! I stumbled upon a whole bunch of these billboards scattered all across Lisbon! Featuring mainly HAM, you can tell Merc PR people see very little marketing potential in Bottas. Poor fella.

Yeah, so screen grabs, peeps. Have fun in 2051.

Screen grabs come courtesy of…

Renault F1 & Renault F1

Ferrari & Ferrari

McLaren F1 & McLaren F1

Red Bull Racing

(the new) Williams

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