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Guest Post: Tony on Formula 1 Testing

Formula One™ (protected trademark) Winter Testing – Jerez 2012 The start of the 2012 F1 year is under way with the launch of most teams’ cars and the first four day testing session at Jerez. I would have preferred Valencia which is only an hour […]

RF1 Team – Blue and Orange Years (Part 1)

I decided to put together a small compilation of RF1 photos dating from 2007-2009 to celebrate the blue and orange period, which I know not that many people would want to celebrate anyway (check out the gallery below). I personally never felt bad about the […]

Iberian M.P.H. - Road Movie

Iberian – Road Movie

Mesdames et messieurs, I give you my very first road movie. I suggest you watch it till the end to enjoy it 100%. Also, take a look at a compilation of mobile phone photos from Jerez by clicking here: not available at the moment, apologies. […]

Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

While My V8 Gently Weeps

It’s now time to sum up my little trip to Jerez F1 testing which resulted in three galleries and one movie (coming soon). The mood was definitely different this time, especially in the paddock where Renault Sport F1 trucks stood out from the rest – the car […]

Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

Back from Sherryland

I’m back! Back and ready. I must admit this trip was a lot of fun and I have never seen Jerez being totally packed with people for testing! It’s all coming in a separate blog soon. I’d also like to thank Lotus Renault GP for their positive […]

Off to Sherryland

Uncle Iberian is absolutely delighted to announce his departure in the Iberian-mobile to Jerez de la Frontera in Spain where the second session of Formula 1 winter testing is about to begin. Here I’m supposed to thank my sponsors (and express more delight) but it […]