Un Chien Andalou – Photo Impressions from Jerez F1 Test


Well, muchachos and muchachas… I mean, for sure, y’know. Café con leche.

Our trip to Jerez in 2013 was a good one, not only did we come home totally sunburnt and paranoid (like that, in plural) but we also got a nice collection of piccies to show for our suffering at the hands of the angry Spanish sun.

This year I was able to walk the entire track which resulted in some unusual angles and the first ever F1 photobomb (oh, glory!). We inspected the spot of Hamilton’s sort of mighty crash (poor track marshals dropped their carefully prepared hamburgers in awe – motorsport is not only dangerous but it also causes occasional famine). Lewis was probably scared himself, just look at these tyre marks; cars go flat out before Dry Sack and it’s absolutely amazing to be able to stand so close to the track, amazing and terrifying. I’ll expand on the subject in a special blog and my feature in the Motorsport Illustrated News magazine (coming soon).

Meanwhile, you can follow THIS LINK to check out track shots and paddock gallery as well. All lumped into one.

Special thanks to Diego Merino and my old Fuji camera (a veteran of no less than 8 trips to Jerez since 2006, still rocking, still working, still going strong, waiting to get the chop one day).

D RIC in hid youth
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