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Nick Padmore Q&A: Drive-By-Throttle, Part 2

On people & things with @padmore56 [Part 2] Questions submitted by Sergio Álvarez, Diego Merino, Cyril Nikitenko Which F1 car is the one that you have never driven/owned but you still dream of? Nick Padmore: It’s got to be an F1 car from the 1990s, […]

Nick Padmore Q&A: the Ace of Phrase, Part 1

On people & things with @padmore56 Questions submitted by Sergio Álvarez, Diego Merino, Cyril Nikitenko Q: I have made up my mind and decided to start a career in historic racing. What should my first steps be? Nick Padmore: Well, unfortunately historic racing is quite […]

Diego Merino Presenta: 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Por: Diego Merino Teniendo la oportunidad de cubrir por segundo año el Goodwood Festival of Speed, no quisimos desaprovechar todo lo aprendido durante el primer año, en lo que se ha convertido sin duda en el festival histórico más grande e importante del mundo. Son […]

Goodwood Revival, Reporte y Fotografía: Ian Skelton

Traducción al Castellano: Diego Merino. Cuando hablamos de carreras, también hay eventos, y el Goodwood Revival es sin duda el evento del motor del año. Este fantástico evento comparte mucho con el Silverstone Classic, celebrado todos los años durante el mes de Julio. Los clásicos […]

Goodwood Revival Weekend, Guest Post by Ian Skelton

Goodwood Revival weekend is a one off when it comes to motorsport. This fantastic event shares a lot with the Silverstone Classic. Flat out wheel-to-wheel racing on the track with hundreds of rare and priceless cars, from historic yesteryear of motorsport. In addition there are […]