Good Lap @ Goodwood #gwspeedweek


With the “wonderful” year that we’re having one of our favourite events on the motorsport calendar, Goodwood FOS, has been unfortunately cancelled; everyone could feel that coming since the start of literally batsh*t crazy 2020 (is Batman still considered OK or did they ban it on PC grounds?).

But fear not, fans of historic racing, rising like a phoenix from the COVID ashes Goodwood is back with its unique concept & you can follow it LIVE online. Better than nothing, where there’s a wish/will, there’s a way.

Goodwood without Padsta is like F1 without Bernie, one might argue. Nick Padmore does know how to navigate the legendary “historical circuit in West Sussex”, similiarly to Bernie once navigating the F1 paddock with great mastery (I was gonna say panache, but no, I’ll save that word for Flav). Nick is of course a much more accopmplished and faster driver than Mr E ever was, let’s be clear about that.

Records, they say, are meant to be broken and boy did Padsta break his own lap record at Goodwood aboard the Arrows A11!

What a car! It did not have much success in F1 back in the day, however it did score quite a lot of top 6 results, which is like top 10 in terms of points paying positions in modern F1. Haas would have probably killed for P5 or similar, not to mention poor HRT or Caterham. So it was a cool (Ross Brawn designed) car, all things considered.

Originally driven by the likes of Derek Warwick, Eddie Cheever, Michele Alboreto, Bernd Schneider, Alex Caffi, the screaming 3.5-litre V8 powered beast is alive and kicking.

Enjoy the vid!

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