#FOS Part 4


One of the most loved moments – at least for my generation of the FOS visitors – is undoubtedly finding anything related to Senna. 2019 brought us none other than the ‘crazy frog’ Taku, Takuma Sato driving the mighty MP4/4.

The Indy 500 winner and former F1 driver, his traditional samurai Grand Prix career yielded what has become just one trademark P3 finish despite the early promise: like many sons of the Land of the Rising Sun, Sato has a best result of third, achieved at the US GP way back in 2004 when cars were more like cars. I guess.

The MP4/4 is an absolutely gorgeous vehicle, beautiful lines, simplicity, tobacco sponsorship, the sound, the smell. Compare it to today’s F1 furniture, they’re like IKEA cupboards on wheels!

Coincidentally, the guy who finished in front of Sato at Indy in 2004 was also present at Goodwood.

I think if you don’t like Rubinho Barrichello you’re in all likelihood thick or a wazzock. Rubens seemed very excited about being back in his Brawn GP car, waving to the crowd with the same intensity as Senna would after winning his first F1 title. Remember Barrichello’s curse at his home race? Or his memorable first win? Or maybe Austria 2002? His Stewart period was just so cool, as was the entire team. Formula 1 is missing proper privateers, garagisti are gone, replaced by corporate suits and PC.


Rubens is cool

Diego and Rubens are cool

Sato is cool

MP4/4 was cool

Senna was insanely cool

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