Grooving Around in a Trench Coat with the Satin Entrail: Goodwood Revival Unleashed


Looking at Alejo’s photos from the Revival, I can’t help but think how things have changed in the last 50-60-odd years: what was acceptable yesterday is considered a no-no today. We have a microchip implanted in our brains, just kidding. Haha.

Cars are now connected, self-driving, tweeting and liking in real time. Grunting? I’d rather drive a disconnected vehicle myself, and in fact I drive one like that.

The Revival obviously takes us back in time when xes was safe and racing dangerous. I kind of doubt that. Unprotected xes, just like unprotected racing, is dangerous: pop a johnny on. These days only Mahaveer Raghunathan drives in the same way as Farina did – crazy. With rather less success than his famous Italian counterpart, for sure.

I never say racing was better before than it is now (it was different, that’s what it was), nevertheless we fuddy-duddies love to entertain our passion for all things old and classic.

The Revival is just the ticket.

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