Our Formula E Journey So Far


Wind the clock back to 2013: I’m in dusty Jerez interviewing Jake Rosenzweig of Barwa Addax GP2 team in like mid-February I think. It’s cold, but not too bad. Circuit coffee is good. Jake is a nice guy, he’s a fan of Michael Schumacher, quoting the German’s domination of the sport.

Yet I can’t stop thinking about Alejandro Agag’s new project: full-electric and fully silent Formula E championship, feat. the FIA prezzie Jean Todt and many a F1 reject. Fine young cannibals consumed by their more ambitious and hungry for success peers. No matter how silly the idea of running an electric race car might seem to us, we must be gracious and considerate journos.

With the 2019-2020 season upon us, we can say the championship has become a bit of a corporate beast with car brands jumping on the electric bandwagon and greenwashing. You can get electrocuted big time by sticking yer finger right in the belly of the Gen2 challenger now that the power output has gone up, it’s impressive.

The only way we can accept diesel-powered fully charged electric batteries on wheels is that driver line-up has always been kinda exciting, you’d like to see half of the FE fiend competing in F1. They’re banging wheels on tight temporary and sucky tracks in questionable locations around the world, they’re exchanging angry tweets. Comme il faut. Blimey, they even have the HALO!

I feel FE has the potential to either develop into something decent or go bust after a while, sort of like the original DTM did. It’s all just a little bit of history repeating.

Let’s wait and see. Oh, and feel free to check out FE-related posts: https://iberianmph.com/tag/formula-e/

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