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Party in the BCN: Barcelona 2020 F1 Test, Day 2

And a quick selection of photos from day 2. Courtesy of Diego Merino and Clarksport. We all know lap times mean nothing in winter testing, but anyhoo… And of course the DAS ERSTE Merc system, dis thang is not normal, mate. Stay tuned for more […]

Party in the BCN: Barcelona 2020 F1 Test, Day 1

And so it begins, the 2020 F1 season is here and now. Well, almost. Reduced testing feels more like a “systems check” than proper testing – how it used to be. No more Luca Badoers or Allan McNishes these days… F1 teams are so good […]

#FOS Part 3

Part 3 of Diego’s and Alejo’s visit to the Festival of Speed. For anyone with a serious car porn addiction this event is a must.

GP3: Fave Memories

With GP3 now becoming a thing of the past and its current machinery morphing peacefully into the new look FIA Formula 3 plus the ZZ Top rear wing and a baby HALO, we thought we’d go through our archive and choose our fave GP3 moments […]

Forza Giuliano!

Text and images courtesy of Diego Merino. To most fans saying Monza means immediately thinking of Ferrari, however to some of us growing up with the sport during the 90s, the name takes our thoughts a step back in time to the era when V12 […]

Diego Merino Presenta: 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Por: Diego Merino Teniendo la oportunidad de cubrir por segundo año el Goodwood Festival of Speed, no quisimos desaprovechar todo lo aprendido durante el primer año, en lo que se ha convertido sin duda en el festival histórico más grande e importante del mundo. Son […]

Tony Hall of Fame: Ferrari World Finals 2009

Tony Hall of Fame on iberianmph dot com continues… Funny how time flies: at the end of 2009 Alonso was poised to win the world title with Ferrari sooner rather than later (according to the ever-present F1 pundits); Jean took over from Max; the word […]