Party in the BCN: Barcelona 2020 F1, Best of Test 1


Today we bring a selection of our favourite images from Barcelona thanks to Diego Merino and Clarksport. #PEACE

It’s the first time in many years that I can say I truly enjoyed following winter testing, it’s been fast, furious and even ferocious. Raucous?

Six days is nothing really, making the teams work harder for that reason, maximising that mythical window of opportunity and pushing Royal Mail envelope.

Don’t you think Ron is left having seizures at the Dennis mansion by just looking at McLaren’s new corporate image. I tend to agree orange was not the way to go. They look like buffoons, for sure. But if the car is fast, hey, I don’t mind at all!

Renault’s (old) new interim livery (a clear throwback to that loud and mean, albeit slow, Arrows 1998 F1 car) combined damn well with the HALO (by essentially hiding it from photographers’ view, somewhat; well you know what I mean, right?), way to go, gal. I wanna see how Ocon fares against DRIC in the R.S.20.

#F1 Testing in Barcelona with Diego Merino and Clarksport

The HALO has evidently changed the game of the head-on moody shot, you gotta adapt and #WORKIT to even catch a glimpse of the driver’s head this very day. I’ve been a #HUGE fan of this mad theory that drivers should stop painting their helmets and just paind the bloody thing, HALO. That way we can tell who’s who on the track. Because honestly, all F1 helmet designs appear to be exactly the same c.2020. It’s like Lenin’s utopia made real.

They unelaborately find a seagull that just had lunch, it then drops a massive clanger on top of the pristine white helmet, the designer 3D scans the end result and voilà, job done. At least with Red Bull and Alpha Mates.

We’re looking forward to Test 2 and bringing you more photos and gossip from the social media paddock. #FANTASTIC

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