Party in the BCN: Barcelona 2020 F1, Best of Test 1, Part 2


Right before dawn of the 2nd test, it’s time to put our posting face on: part 2 of the best of Barcelona test 1 goes live. Say thank you to Diego Merino and Clarksport.

I have a good feeling ahead of this season, I’ll be frank with you, my tweeting friends.

No matter whether Merc win the first few races, all Ferrari and Red Bull need (we can discount other teams right away, even the Merc copycat Force… Racing Point of Whatever; they did spend some BIG  €€€ and $$$ on R & D with their 2020 challenger, truth be told) to do is keep finishing right behind LH (or possibly the bearded Bottas 37.3 refreshed reboot), while RBR and Scuderia’s boffins and brainiacs work on improving the car’s pace for fans’ sake. Or bite the bullet and protest Merc’s DAS, that’s up to Christian Horny and Mattia Magnetto. #STRONG

I’ll leave you with these magnificent pics below!

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