Party in the BCN: Barcelona 2020 F1 Test 2, Day 2


Was Day 2 of the final test fun or what? Dunno how about you, but I absolutely loved it.

They’ve been spinning, twisting and turning, breaking down all the time, testing their new little wings, chicken wings, elephant tails, tiger teeth and swan necks.

Awesome dude!

I’m praying for one apocalyptic Australian GP, like 2002 maybe but brawnier, if you pardon the pun. How cool would it be to have perhaps 5 finishers at the end and race lasting for a maximum of two hours, filled with retirements, crashes, aborted starts, etc.. I’d totally dig that instead of yet another reliability run and boring tweets from teams’ PR dep: LOL PEEPS, OMG, it’s #F1 at its best. No retirements and they finished in exactly the same order as Abu Dhabi last year. Hope not.

I want Monaco 1996, Europe 1999 or Canada 2011. Lando Norris using Alex Albon’s spare helmet for good measure.

Please. F1 Gods, hear my prayer.

So we had #Seb5’s Ferrari credited with the fastest lap time today, I take it.

Come back for more good stuff tomorrow, brought to you by Diego Merino and Clarksport.


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