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Formulae for Formula E

What’s the future of racing? This blog has been following Formula E’s progress for a while and we decided it was time to ask some questions/get some answers… Q: First of all, congratulations on creating something new and original, which Formula E undoubtedly is. Can […]

Full Electric - the Future of Racing

EV Cup in Uncle Sam’s Land

I’m a very curious guy, curious by nature and I like to subsribe to newletters (also by nature). I obviously had to sign up for the EV Cup’s newsletter and found one in my e-mail inbox today. Looks like Portugal and Spain aren’t going to […]

Full Electric Jacket – Iberian vs. Peugeot iOn

P(o)RT(uguês) Sempre quis experimentar um carro 100% elé(c)trico, e a oportunidade surgiu esta segunda-feira em Leiria, onde o Electric Tour da Peugeot fez uma paragem. Adorei o carro, mas não o preço (perto de 36 mil euros). Mesmo assim, vale a pena investir nesta tecnologia. […]