Formula E’s Shocker: Valencian Jota


I woke up this morning (or close) and I got out of bed, had to plug in my smartphone and clear my head. Formula E’s email arrived this minute and they don’t wanna chat, but they’ll be coming to Valencia, so what’s up with that? It’s all because of COVID, for sure.

There was as it happens talk of FE racing at Estoril, dunno what sort of speeds they could’ve achieved going down the main straight, no.

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge (screen grab

Obviously, a big part of Iberianmph’s contingent is based in Valencia as well, so that plays into our hands because we’ve geniune interest in what FE has been doing so far, it’s just that they never race in Spain or Portugal where there’s a decent following. Or how about the reigning FE champion, Félix da Costa?

All you need is gloves

All you need is gloves

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The problem with Formula E – and it’s been pointed out in the last few weeks by Renault’s Luca di Meo – is basically nobody is watching it, which doesn’t bode well for Nissan e.dams squad. It might be an almighty e.boums! I mean, they must be getting some kicks out of it, R&D, whatever works.

I could never, ever understand the reasoning behind FE’s (ir)regular calendar: they often go to locations where not a soul owns/buys EVs, what’s the point? Whilst I’m sure they do their marketing research and so on and so forth. Who are we to judge?

Let’s face it: most EV owners are elitist snobs because these cars are so damn expensive! It’s upper middle-class w*nkers only. You think I’d blow the same amount of money that a nice house costs on a cr*ppy toy car that can’t even take me places? It’s the range anxiety, yeah. But maybe I’m being too rude here. You e-lot can e-p*ss off anyway. É-tron!

What I will say though is EVs are quite inspired/exquisite compared to dinosaur juice powered ICE vehicles, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t need in an EV, I bet each car designer’s mind goes crazy when they start imagining the looks of the car and the interior, your sci-fi space alien type of vehicle, y’know. Mate. Electric cars are good, solid toys for grown-ups, won’t argue with that. They’re simply not egalitarian enough – not yet. I want Dacia Sandero territory price-wise, am looking forward to Dacia Spring launch in Portugal to find out how much it’ll cost in reality, on-the-road as they tweet (the range is amateurish at any rate).

Um, I did test an EV a full decade ago and I’m terribly ashamed to admit this: it was alright. It didn’t have fuel injection (nor a carburettor for that matter), I changed my mind on the spot as a consequence.


Now that I did my best Sid Vicious impersonation by insulting every single one of you (sorry, I love a bit of pantomime and theatrics from time to time) – and seriously – what FE sets out to achieve does not correlate with what we see on our roads. Gosh, how can they not have Tesla racing in the championship? Elon can smoke weed live in the garage to appeal to younger audiences. Don’t try that at home kiddies, we do not recommend getting high or drunk. As a matter of fact, we’re totally abstinent from alcohol or tobacco here at Iberianmph HQ. Clean life. Stay healthy, yeah.

e-picture of FE bodywork

e-picture of FE bodywork

FE in Valencia – show me it, baby. It deserves to be watched and followed based, at least, on the driver line-up. Top-class e-pedallers there and on merit, can’t fault any of them.

Unrelated to the story, however I had to share it with you guys, our very e-shocked readers (thou wanna become a creative writer/word spellcaster/magus yourself ?- no Dogecoin is involved! – then drop us a line).

Before we go any further, please give a warm welcome to our first official Russian spam comment (don’t click on those links, you’ve been warned). It’s gorgeous! For those who can’t speak Dostoevsky’s lingo, enjoy It’s beautifully structured this. There’s a touch of Mayakovsky, undoubtedly. Question: who the f*** is “famous Russian journalist Yuri Dud”? I wanna meet him in person! Awesome Dud.

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