FIA F2 & FIA F3: Italian GP, In Quotes


Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; spiritual guidance by Diego Merino.

FIA Formula 2, Monza, Friday: Doohan and Armstrong on how tricky it is to navigate in an F2 car the Parabolica looked to us journos.

Doohan: “It obviously finishes the lap and it’s already a crazy lap. There’s time to be found and it’s a high-speed corner so everyone’s giving it full beans, especially trying to extract everything. It’s very easy for it to go wrong and especially now due to the fact that they brought the gravel to the exit of the track. So they’ve done that and it’s making errors more easy by not having the run-off. Other than that, I can’t really comment on the their mistakes.”

Doohan’s F2 Monza ice-cream scream.

Armstrong: “As well, I think for the latter part of the day the wind sort of changed a bit and it was a bit of a tailwind on entry. I don’t know about everyone else, but I felt like that was a factor as well.”

FIA Formula 2, Thoughts of a Champion, Felipe Drugovich: FD on how participation in Euroformula Open (2018 champion) contributed to his driving/racing skills and on his job options outside motorsport in a parallel reality.

“I think back in 2018 we had two options: either to go to the Euroformula Open (the Spanish F3) or to go to the FIA F3, which was different back then, it was not together with F1. I think for financial reasons we chose to go down that path and in a way it was really good. I think it really helped me to grow as a driver because it was less pressure, I would say. And a lot of driving, we could drive a lot more than the normal FIA F3 in many of the European race tracks so I think that really hepled me to grow as a driver and have more experience.”

“I really like tennis! In the world of sports but other than that, I’ve got no idea! Something related to sports or maybe being in motorsport but yeah, I think probably a tennis player.”

Q: “How good are you at tennis?”
A: “Um, probably the opposite of driving!”

RIC to Formula 2.

FIA Formula 3, Monza, Friday: Maloney and Stanek on Trident’s home soil extra speed.

Maloney: “Like I’ve said so many times this year, it’s not been one or two tracks, it’s been at every track that the team has been giving us a great car. So no, for me it’s not really a surprise to be quick here. I knew that if I went out there and did a good job, at least I’d be close to the front. The team are doing an amazing job all season and hopefully we have some great race pace as well which I’m sure we will and it’s never over until it’s over.”

Stanek: “Where the car is good? On the straights! We have a few horsepower more so it’s easy for us. No (issa yoke), we are strong at every track. I had the potential to be on pole in every qualy this year or at least to be up there. The team is doing an amazing job. I’ll miss them because it’s my last year in the FIA F3, it will be hard on Sunday night to sat bye to them but yeah, they have an amazing car, also the approach for every race, we do a lot of preparation, a lot of simulator. Stuff like that, so that really helps.”

FIA Formula 3, Thoughts of a Champion, Victor Martins on his Alpine Academy Driver links.

“If I have the chance to do Formula 1 Free Practice outing, I will go more to the factory to spend more time with the engineers, do some laps in the simulator. All of that, to be honest, I’m not thinking about it. For sure, I am the FIA F3 Champion but the step before (F1) is Formula 2. As I said, if I get the chance to do it (drive The Alpine A522), I will do that. Directly, I will say yes. But if I don’t get it, I will understand and know that I need to do things before. I don’t want to focus on that. If I do the job next year in the category that I’ll be in, I’ll have this chance next year, so first of all, I’m not focussing on that.”

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