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FIA F2 & FIA F3: Italian GP, In Quotes (Updated)

Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; spiritual guidance and header image by Diego Merino. FIA Formula 2, Thoughts of a Champion, Felipe Drugovich: FD on how participation in Euroformula Open (2018 champion) contributed to his driving/racing skills and on his job options outside motorsport in a parallel […]

FIA F2: French Cool for Racing Kids at School

Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; spiritual guidance by Diego Merino; header image by Juan Manuel Gil / Agence Galeron. Qualifying P1, Sargeant (1:43.871); P2, Iwasa (1:43.877); P3, Vesti (1:43.900). “I just got it!” Logan Sargeant Q: “Logan, P1 in France, you’re flying and frying ’em already! […]

F2 Coucou From Baku: FIA Formula 2 (Chicken-Updated)

Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; spiritual guidance by Diego Merino. What do I like about Baku? It’s a tough one to answer, in all honesty. It’s wider than Monaco, one and the most important one. The architecture around the track is downright Soviet, from the 1940s […]

FIA F2, Monaco Qualy Quotes: Lawson’s Law (Updated)

Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; spiritual guidance by Diego Merino; header image by Tony Hall. P1 – Liam Lawson, Carlin, 1:21.229 (Group A) P2 – Théo Pourchaire, ART Grand Prix, 1:21.535 (Group B) P3 – Ayumu Iwasa, DAMS, 1:21.288 (Group A) UPDATE: as per Formula 2, […]

FIA F2: Streetly Come Racin’ – Baku Postscript

Interviews by Sergio Álvarez. Today we’ll find out all about Jehan’s mysterious braking points, Juri’s mind games and what’s best team in Formula 2. Also, what will happen should F2 introduce 4 races per weekend starting from 2022. Stuff you won’t find anywhere else online. […]

Cramped Racing: FIA F2 Around Monaco, Part Last

Header image/photos by Tony Hall; interviews by Sergio Álvarez What do you get when you add a ‘Carlo’ to a ‘Monte’? You get the full monty with Carlo and that’s exactly what happened during last weekend’s racing at the cramped Monaco street circuit. Love it […]

F2, Bahrain Feature Race: Done and Dusted

Interviews by Sergio Álvarez No pink this time. And yeah, what a performance from Guanyu Zhou, a magnificent lesson in tyre management and aggressive driving when required. You can see GZ really wants that title and even maybe that F1 seat with Alpine’s B-team for […]