FIA Formula 2 @ Zandvoort, In Quotes: Castles in the Zand


Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; spiritual guidance by Diego Merino.

FIA Formula 2, Zandvoort, Friday, Drugovich on his Dutch pole.

“I think setup-wise we are kind of in the same (place) as the beginning of the year. We just settled down and put everything together. Yeah, no tricks.”

FIA Formula 2, Zandvoort, Friday: Drugovich, Doohan, Sargeant on not making any additional attempts with the Red Flag situation.

Drugovich: “I extracted whatever I had at that moment and the second lap that I did – I didn’t have anything else. If the others improved, I couldn’t improve. For me it was fine.”

Doohan: “I had a strange feeling on the second set (of tyres) so we did consider to go back to the first set, even if it was used and two laps old. I thought maybe we could do a better job. In the end, I wasn’t really gonna improve. It’s just a chance for risk, for something to happen so we decided to stay in the pits.”

Sargeant: “Yeah, I think I was pretty certain that everyone used all the tyres that they had available. But at the end of the day there’s nothing you can do at that point.”

A lap in the Zand.

FIA Formula 2, Zandvoort, Saturday: Hauger, Armstrong, Novalak on undercuts in the Feature Race based on the front tyres overheating in traffic.

Hauger: “Obviously it’s not easy to stay behind and do a move around there. Exiting the pits on cold tyres it’s probably not going to be easy getting the temp in with such a short lap. So it’s going to be interesting to see if it’s going to be happening a bit more tomorrow than today.”

Armstrong: “As today, the first lap will be important and then, I guess, depending on what strategy you’re on, it will be about trying to maximize the strategy, really. And try and win positions in the pit lane because it certainly isn’t easy to overtake out on track. Even if the guy has hot tyres and another guy cold tyres, for example, out of the pit lane, I don’t know if you can actually overtake through Sector 2. It’s just gonna be about strategy and not killing tyres I think.”

Novalak: “To be honest, the undercut was extremely powerful in Spa because Doohan just managed to obviously overtake Drugovich doing that. From my side, it’s an extremely short lap (in Zandvoort) so the moment you box and exit on cold tyres, you don’t have long to get up to speed. The guy pitting in front of you is the following lap so I still think it’s gonna be difficult. The biggest likelihood of seeing big moves on track will just be going on alternative strategy, especially for me trying to do something different and seeing if it works out and make a few positions that way.”

FIA Formula 2, Zandvoort, Saturday: Hauger, Armstrong, Novalak on their physio programme in/after Zandvoort.

Armstrong: “I think we’re quite used to it now but just make sure we’re well hydrated and have a good sleep. It’s always difficult to have a good sleep on a Saturday night, seeing as though we have to wake up very early tomorrow. I think just hydration and early to bed, not too much analyzing the data, that would be the ideal preparation for tomorrow.”

Novalak: “Yes, I head to bed quite soon. I mean I am pretty tired, it’s been a long race and so we need to recover. Obviously maybe a massage quickly on the shoulders to get ready for tomorrow, stay hydrated. Yeah, just nice and early tomorrow, ready to go again.”

Hauger: “I’m recharged already to be fair! Ah no, have a good shower. A Nice dinner. Sleep and go again.”

Saturday fun in the Zand.

FIA Formula 2, Zandvoort, Sunday, Verschoor on Doohan, SC restarts and should potential penalties hurt less in this case.

“I want the points for the team.I don’t want a penalty and I think there are other things to look at. I really don’t think I could’ve done much but I also understand that I destroyed Jack’s race. Stewards will take a decision but on the other hand I agree with you. I mean I did what I could, it was a small mistake but for the rest I did a very good race so that will be in people’s minds.”

FIA Formula 2, Zandvoort, Sunday, Drugovich on his Dutch Feature Race win and F2’s own little Mugello-gate.

“To be fair, it’s quite similar as it’s always been. Drivers can’t change (speed) that much, I think only P1 is the one that really can change something. The only thing they need to do is one go, and if you go you go. That’s it. It’s not a massive difference.”

To go or not to go?
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