Spanish GP: F2 and F3 Spy Shots (Updated)


Our Paddock Spy is back in action in Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, wearing a mask, socially distancing, sanitizing and doing all the responsible adult stuff as per F1 rules.

Some say that Riccardo Patrese offers our Spy free homemade Italian pizzas in Monza (delicious!) and that the Spy’s presence in the paddock can only be felt because of their invisibility cloak developed secretly at Mercedes factory in Brackley.

All we know, their little eye can indeed spy a lot of things!

Look ahead.

Let’s get greedy with the loud pedal.

R.e.s.u.l.t.s.  a.n.d.  c.h.a.m.p.i.o.n.s.h.i.p.  s.t.a.n.d.i.n.g.s.  a.f.t.e.r.  B.C.N.  ↓

F2 Feature Race Results BCN

F2 Sprint Race Results BCN

F2 Drivers’ Standings BCN

F3 Race 1 Results BCN

F3 Race 2 Resuts BCN

F3 Drivers’ Standings BCN

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