Belgian GP: Our Saturday F3 Presser


Sergio’s F3 presser from Race 1.

In order of appearance:

  1. L. Zendeli (Trident)
  2. T. Pourchaire (ART Grand Prix)
  3. D. Beckmann (Trident)

SA: We’re starting with a question for you all – we’ve had nine different winners in F3 this year, what’s the biggest reason for that? Why is it so wide open this season?

LZ: I think every team worked hard over the winter and they’re quite close to each other. We can see in the race that everyone has quite a similar pace, just maybe someone has a bit more troubles or whatever, but their overall pace is close for everyone and the field for sure is really competitive. I wouldn’t lie if I said it’s one of the most competitive fields in the world, so even (up to) fifteen (drivers) can win a race.

TP: Well, I think Formula 3 is the reference. For me, it’s one of the best championships in motorsports. This year it’s really cool because there’s a lot of different winners, not the same team. It can be PREMA, Trident, Hitech, ART. So yeah, for me this is cool.

DB: I think last year we had also lots of winners but last year we had a new car so some teams did a lot better work than others and could score more wins. This year everyone has one-year experience and also the reverse grid is up to P10 so obviously then some other drivers can go to P1. That’s opens up the field more at the front, so I think these are two things why it’s a bit more open. But in general if everyone had the same car (with best engineers), we would have a lot more winners. Yeah, maybe, maybe next year we’ll be even closer, you know. Teams are always improving and learn from their mistakes. So I think F3 is really the hardest championship because we have also really fast drivers and it’s always a big fight, qualifyings are really close, so I think F3 and F2 are the series (both are FIA Championships) to watch when you want to go up (in your career).

SA: Do you feel that consistency will be the key or it will be better to start taking some risks in order to make a difference this year in the championship?

LZ: Well, from my point of view I can say that consistency is the key. I have my team-mate who is quite consistent over the year and you can see the difference. I think speed-wise, we’re not totally different but at the end David was just more consistent over the year and that’s why he’s now P3 (in the championship) and I’m… to be honest, I don’t know now (you’re P7, son)! I was P11? Yes, I was P11 mid-season so it’s not good to not score points.

After Spa, Race 1

After Spa, Race 1

Sometimes when you have the car, when you have the circumstances to be on top, to be P1, then you can use it, but otherwise you just have to stay calm and try to score at least some points.

TP: Well, for me, I think consistency is every time the key in every championsip but now it’s the last three rounds of the championship, I think some drivers will take more risks. Me first I think! I need to take some risks if I want to be in the top three in the championship. But yeah, when we see David every time in the points it’s amazing. Now he’s third in the championship and consistency for sure is the key.

DB: Yeah, I agree (with consistency). I think there were, also in F1, many drivers who didn’t score… (wins on the way to winning titles). I think Nico Rosberg didn’t even score one win (he won one, actually more than one in 2016; his dad did win one in 1982 – and only one) and he won the championship, he scored many times second. He got one? A one. (Note: Nico got downgraded and no word on Seb, you can tell the one that they prefer in Germany is Schumi.) Obviously it’s not such a long championship in F3, it’s not like F1 but you have to be always consistent, score as many points as possible and wait for your opportunity to attack for P1. If the car is not ready, you shouldn’t overdrive it because it will be good for you, maybe once but many times – not. For sure, that’s big key at least.

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