Nuestra Charla: 10/08/2020


What’s up you guys! We are here today at the Iberianmph HQ with a dear friend of ours, myself, writing this amazing Charla.

And it’s a good one and short one: I had a giant, massive bowl of cassoulet and now I’m degassing freely, my tummy looks very much Hamilton’s tyres during the 70th Anniv GP, a f***ing balloon full of gas. Money, it’s a gas. Can I turn my gas into money?

Just farted, just let one rip, yes, oopsie. Very loud it was. According to, “In Languedoc-Roussillon cassoulet (a stew of beans, pork, confits and sausage) is a regional speciality and game of any description a favourite.” And I sure did something similar: “And as he was lyin’ there, half dozin’ and thinkin’ about things, he suddenly let rip a big stale Guinness fart that rumpled the bedclothes.”

I love Pirelli, their tyres made my day, it did have all the elements of an IndyCar race, minus Paul Tracy’s insightful commentary, whatever the weather we’ll take it. Different strategies are also fun to follow live. How blissfully were those Merc tyres blistering, like a rabbit’s tooth in carrotts’ phytoestrogens, like Bridgestones in 2005. They were sitting on a stool with one leg, trying to consume their soup with a Roman fork. As they say, there ain’t no pie with a manioc flour’s taste if you cannot stop begging for a pint.

Max #33? The kid performed brilliantly, he drove beautifully, hitting appexes with Husqvarna chainsaw precision, reminding us to hydrate and sanitize. He is the best there is, plain and simple. Hamilton? He’s more like an amateur compared to mighty Max.

F1 restaurant’s chef has been repeating herself (I assume it’s a lady chef), so I guess the 70th Septuagenarian GP cook had to “season the soup to taste with salt and pepper”. Nice soup. For the main course, she cooked Merc’s goose. Meanwhile, in the Racing Point’s canteen, the Pink Floyd chef Otmar cooked the books.

As is always the case, the motorsport media had predicted Red Bull’s – and specifically Red Bull’s – high-rake concept is no bueno baby and it won’t win a thing in 2020. Right before the Septuagenarian GP! How cool is that? My fave coffee. You’re only as good as your last race.

Think Bent Viscaal’s Dutch F3 victory, success, triumph, conquest, win, successful outcome, positive result, favourable result, landslide, achievement, coup, game, set, and match had really set the scene, set the tone for Verstappen’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” GLORIOUS F1 anthem.

And would you look at SCH and SH coming together right now over Prema!

Excting times, I’m SOOOOO excited for Barcelona!

Let my intestinal gas, my cassoulet-inspired wind rotate orange sails of the Dutchman’s RBR windmills used for crushing Mercs.

PS Ferrari should paint their cars yellow.

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