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Nuestra Charla: 10/08/2020

What’s up you guys! We are here today at the Iberianmph HQ with a dear friend of ours, myself, writing this amazing Charla. And it’s a good one and short one: I had a giant, massive bowl of cassoulet and now I’m degassing freely, my […]

Nuestra Charla: 02/08/2020

Long time no Charla, folks! ‘Claire: OMG Tania this is gr8.’ Ultimately, dear droogs, this could be our last Charla as we’re in the process of expanding into new social media platforms to keep you entertained (on an almost daily basis) – not the stupid […]

Notes from Britain by Diego Merino #BritishGP

Silverstone, same as in Monza, the name that needs no introduction, places like these mean what Formula One is all about. Without question the cathedrals of the sport. This former WWII airfield brings loads of memories into my mind, most notably the sight of 1990, […]