Nuestra Charla: 13/07/2020


Chitty chitty bang bang, peeps. Charla No. 10 is LIVE.

First off, let us congratulate the Mega Swede Felix Rosenqvist on his IndyCar win at Road America (apparently, America still has roads, they still haven’t cancelled them). Felix is one of our fave interviewees, a dear friend of ours and a top man.

Said FR: “It’s an amazing feeling to have won an INDYCAR race – I’m absolutely thrilled.

“It’s been my main target for a while and we’ve come close before with a few podiums – but this is what I really wanted. This race was for my crew on the #10 car, and also for Honda. I’m so glad we had the John McCain tribute on the car, and to be able to do this for NTT DATA and the entire family really means a lot to us at the team.

“We’ve worked so hard for this, and I’m so happy for all the guys on the #10 crew.

“We had some damage to the car after that clash on the first lap, so the guys really had to dig deep even to get the tyres off the car in the pit stops. It was an heroic effort from them and I’m glad I could deliver to their level out on track today. I think this is the first of many more to come for us; big thanks to everyone at Chip Ganassi Racing.”

The first of many.

Moving on to F1’s Steiermark p*ss poor race, well as you’d expect the product was subpar.

No fight whatsoever for P1, plenty of off-track noise and very little on-track noise – F1 is grossly overrated as most fans do not get excited about mid-field scraps for P10. We know it’s partly a legacy of the previous regime and partly Freedom Fries’ lenient decicion-making. Not good enough. Can do better.

No fans in the grandstands – hello! It’s been like that for a number of years. Wake up and smell Red Bull.

Maybe it’s meant to be: all things must pass. If 2022 brings any kind of change, I’ll be immensely surprised. The glass is neither half empty nor half full – it’s cracked big time and the water is leaking.

Yeah, it makes me wonder why F2 or F3 can’t exist on their own as Super1 and Super2 (I know, they did register GP1 before, I personally ate carbon fibre off GP2 and GP3 cars, am pretty familiar with the subject). Would make for an interesting breakaway series.

Whatever. Let’s ignore my wishes.

F3 / F2 drivers, look away. Don’t read, don’t read. Copy.

Let’s start with race results and championship standings.

F2 Feature Race

F2 Sprint Race

F2 Standings

F3 Race 1

F3 Race 2

F3 Standings

I feel terribly sorry for Jean Alesi’s F40.

Am equally thinking of Schumacher cousins: Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve made it work, truth be told. Plus one or two race weekends is not enough to form a proper judgement, admittedly. For problems with fire extinguishers, please consult Heikki Kovalainen.

How competitive is Formula 2? Four different winners in four races of F2. Fresh.

We had maiden wins for Robert Shwarztman and Christian Lundgaard, both F1 juniors for different teams, surely.

Also, loving Prema and ART tussle for power.

And wait for this screen grab!

Nissany Rocks - again and again!

Nissany Rocks – again and again!

Nissany Rocks - again and again!

Nissany Rocks – again and again!

Hats off to Rocket Roy! At least something or someone at Williams works like a Swiss watch.

F3, ah! The flying Clément moment in Race 2 looked amazing and who can ever forget the Lawson vs Hughes lawless collision!!! Wow, I’m in love with this sport.

Theo Pourchaire “verstappenned” his way to becoming the youngest F3 winner on Sunday, with Frederik Vesti singing in the rain on Saturday.

Did someone mention F4 United Arab Emirates Championship Certified by FIA Champion’s name? Matteo Nannini, Caffé A. Nannini’s owner and former F1 driver Alessandro Nannini’s nephew, currently occupies an iconic 27th position in the championship. A tribute to either Jean Alesi, Gilles Villeneuve or ‘Hulk’ Hülkenberg… Mysterious ways.

Should they attempt to stage three consecutive racing weekends at the same circuit, I’ll start a new hashtag: #EndRacing

Dude, imaginary carbon footprint, CORONA or not, I do not fancy seeing one and the same circuit over and over again. I’m playing along only because it’s 2020. No more F1 / F2 / F3 Groundhog Day please. Don’t do that to me in 2021.

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