FIA F2: Pic of the Week (27/05)


Personality goes a long way. It’s true.

It’s also true that Artem Markelov’s got a gr8 freaking personality: driving for the now-defunct RUSSIAN TIME team (currently known as UNI-Virtuosi Racing, thank God no CAPITALS this time), the Russian virtuoso – I’d like to think of Markelov as motorsport’s equivalent of Rostropovich with hair – forged a reputation as a quick, if sometimes inconsistent, driver.

I realize I would seriously suck if pitted against even the slowest F2 pedaller (coincidentally Markelov’s MP Motorsport team-mate at Monaco ‘King Raghunathan’), you have to take my inconsistency remark as a light joke, forgive the obnoxious pun (King Raghunathan of course, I was referring to IndyCar’s own King Hiro Matsushita, love that guy).

Anyhoo, Markelov’s Super Formula switch was quite logical after so many years of trying to win the title in F2; provided his Formula 2 was a bit rusty – and Super Formula’s totally non-identical tires – getting back into the groove didn’t take long for the fast Russian. P4 in race 2 proves he unquestionably belongs in Formula 1. Here’s a racer who is anything but boring! There’s plenty of dull corporate blokes nowadays in the sport, sad to say.

I’ll stay away from his family issues for the reason that it’s a private matter. Imagine my auntie would wake up one day, decide to take a trip to Paris and verbally insult Jean Todt, it can happen. I hope you guys don’t think I would axiomatically (it’s the first time I use this fancy adverb [and incorrectly] anywhere on the WWW, so excited!) agree with her actions. I respect Jean. Nevertheless she’s my fave auntie. It’s a dilemma. Expecting to see no major shenanigans in Russia is like expecting Flavio Briatore to all of a sudden start speaking faultlessly the Queen’s English, ain’t gonna happen. Racing and politics don’t always go hand in hand.

Somebody hire Artem to drive an F1 car next year, pls.

MONTE CARLO, MONACO – MAY 25: Artem Markelov (RUS, MP MOTORSPORT) during the Monaco at Monte Carlo on May 25, 2019 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (Photo by Joe Portlock / LAT Images / FIA F2 Championship)

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