FOS Forward – Goodwood Memories with Alejo Pérez-Monsalvo


With the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed fast approaching, we thought we’d wind back the clock to the 2016 edition of this amazing event which every motor racing fan from around the world must experience one day.

Alejo’s photos remind me a bit about the heroes we’ve lost since 2016: Surtees, Gurney – and most recently Lauda. The FOS is the place to learn about our sport’s history and appreciate the analogue beauty of these raw and wild cars.

Without knowing and appreciating history, there’s no future. Therefore we salute Goodwood and hope to continue being a part of the Festival for many years to come, sporting beards longer than William Storey’s facial hair in let’s say 2040, when the Haas VF-19 will look cool compared to ugly F1 2040 uranium-powered cars with 20 magnetic field halos. Just saying.

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