Remembering Niki Lauda


I never saw Lauda race in F1 – purely because I was a toddler at the time, but I grew up following the sport and Lauda has always been a presence in the paddock (be it as a consultant, team principal or TV pundit), you sort of knew he would have an original quote after the race, etc., the quintessential Formula One champion.

Some drivers win alone, without rivalry, just pure domination. Others are lucky to be a part F1 folklore: Lauda was one of the lucky ones (luck of the champions – does that even exist?). His fights with Hunt and Prost are iconic, legendary, it makes you want to wind back the clock to 1976 and 1984 seasons time and again. Luckily we have YouTube now (hey you, stop watching those cat videos, go for Lauda instead).

His life story is about never giving up. We take inspiration from Niki.

Adios, champ!

Niki was kind enough to take a photo with Diego some time ago

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