Tony’s Formula E World: Exclusive Interview with Pedro de la Rosa, DS TECHEETAH Sporting and Technical Advisor


Tony Hall: Pedro, you are an experienced Formula One racing driver and raced in other series with much success. What has brought you to Formula E?

Pedro de la Rosa: Firstly, it is a very different series to anything I have done before. Also it is appealing in that sense and I am learning new concepts, that’s one important point why I’m here, it’s just to learn. Also all the manufacturers are coming into Formula E so it makes it very interesting for a person like myself. So that is why I am here.

TH: How do you rate Formula One today?

PdlR: Formula One will always be Formula One. It is a fantastic series that I have been in love with for many years. People can criticize it and it is true it is going through a difficult period in terms of the world is changing very rapidly so Formula One also has to change but that does not mean it has lost its appeal. I think it will last forever.

It is just Formula E is different and that is what makes it interesting for me. If it was like a little Formula One series I would not be here. Formula E is a very different series, it has its own personality and has the potential to grow bigger and possibly be like Formula One, why not? It is very important to do something that makes you learn everyday and Formula E is teaching me a lot of new things.

TH: What are your thoughts on Fernando Alonso leaving Formula One and moving on to either IndyCar racing or another type of series?

PdlR: Fernando is a fantastic driver, super talented and super committed and really an example to everyone and if he has taken this decision we can only respect it and applaud his past.

TH: Do you think it is a sad loss to Formula One that he is leaving and especially that there was not a competitive drive for him over the last few years?

PdlR: It is a terrible loss for Formula One and for Spain. However, the good thing is he will still be in motorsport and will still go racing so we will still get to enjoy seeing him race in whatever formula he decides to do. Fernando may be leaving Formula One but he is not retiring and he is probably in the best shape he has ever been. He will be massively missed, one hundred percent because I think there are not many drivers like Fernando or Lewis Hamilton over the past.

TH: Do you think we could see Fernando back in Formula One in 2020 if he was offered a competitive drive?

PdlR: I am sure he will always be committed to whatever he decides to do. I think he has achieved enough in Formula One and he should be very proud of it – and I am sure he is – and now he wants to do another type of racing.

TH: And what about Pedro de la Rosa, will we see you back racing?

PdlR: No, not racing I do not think so. Commentary and working for Formula E. I got too old for Formula One for sure but if there was any type of racing that I could do along with my current commitments then I may consider it, but I think my racing days are over.

TH: Thank you Pedro and we wish you every success with your role in Formula E and work with Movistar TV Formula One commentary.

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