Tony’s Formula E World: Exclusive Interview with Felipe Massa, Venturi Formula E Team


We at do not just take pictures and write reports on the motorsport events we visit, we get deep into the garages, pit lane and talk to drivers, mechanics and team representatives. Tony Hall interviewed some drivers whilst at the Circuito de Ricardo Tormo, Valencia.

Interview with Felipe Massa – Venturi Formula E Team (Ex-Formula One driver and 2008 F1 Vice-Champion)

Tony Hall: Felipe, thanks for talking to You have driven in Formula One for many years with Sauber, Williams and Ferrari so I suppose my first question has to be how is it going in Formula E and you drove the new generation car yesterday and again this morning, how does it feel?

Felipe Massa: Yes, I am enjoying Formula E. I have a lot to learn especially with less downforce and road tyres. It is completely different to Formula One but for sure I am enjoying it.

TH: What are your views on team orders in Formula One? We saw very recently the situation with Bottas and Hamilton and I know you had a similar experience with Schumacher/Alonso a few years back.

FM: It’s always happened in Formula One, it is not a new thing and like you say I know exactly it happens and it will always happen so as I say it is not new and obviously the teams want the best result.

TH: Felipe, George Russell who is currently leading the FIA Formula Two championship is moving next year to Williams. How do you think he will cope?

FM: He deserves to drive in Formula One because he has good talent and I am sure will do well.

TH: At the end of the season Fernando (Alonso) will be leaving Formula One, do you think he should be leaving?

FM: Fernando is a great driver, one of the best for sure but he has not had the luck of a good car for a long time and if he cannot have the best to fight then he has no chance to win. Whatever he does he will be good at it, he has just had bad luck since winning the titles.

TH: Finally Felipe, do you own an electric car?

FM (with a smile he replied): No!

TH: Thank you Felipe, we hope the final days of testing go well and wish you all the best for the forthcoming Formula E championship.

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