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We mentioned it last year and it’s probably worth saying the same thing again: V de V people have stepped up a notch with their latest efforts in endurance racing. The championship is a great mix of impressive cars, while there’s no shortage of driver talent up and down the grid, be it gentlemen or pros. In fact, they even got zë Président de l’Automobile Club de l’Ouest aka @fillon_p to race his beloved LMP3 machinery. He did good and finished… P3 (yes, I know!) in the fantastic Ligier JSP3 when the chequered flag fell at the end of the 6th hour.

A quick word on the whole LMP3 business: one would expect LMP3 cars to look like toys but they’re REALLY serious toys for big boys and girls. They look and sound amazing! It’s our fave category right now – after LMP1 and P2, obviously. Watching the LMP3 contingent of Ginettas and Ligiers in action is massive satisfaction for any car porn lover. Go and check it out.

Horses for courses however, we do realize that hard core fans of open wheel racing may not like the closed cockpit idea. We feel differently – we feel it’s the future and the future is forming right now in endurance series like V de V or ELMS. Think driver safety.

For us, V de V has always been following a simple concept – stay true to the spirit of motor racing and keep costs under control. Guess what? The concept works!

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