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We mentioned it last year and it’s probably worth saying the same thing again: V de V people have stepped up a notch with their latest efforts in endurance racing. The championship is a great mix of impressive cars, while there’s no shortage of driver […]

V de V – Racing for the Sake of It

What goes around comes around. It’s hard motherf***ing fact of life, but it’s a fact of life most racing series around the world are gonna have to get realistic about. Some are more realistic, some are not. Count V de V as one of the […]

V de V Foreva!

V de V – what else do you need to kill your need for endurance speed? A fine combination of drivers and cars: Julien Jousse and Audi R8 LMS; Thierry Perrier and Ferrari 458 GT2 (merci pour la visite du garage); Anthony Beltoise and Porsche […]