No Pain, No Blancpain GT Series


Back in September we was rocking the boiling hot FIA F3 paddock @ the Algarve circuit down south in #PrayForPortugal. We was tasked with interviewing the then future and now reigning FIA F3 champ Felix Rosenqvist, ya see.

The three F3 races consumed 99% of our short attention span, but the missing one percent went to the Blancpain GT Series which was headlining the weekend.

The number of cars on the grid did not look hugely impressive in the BGTS, gotta tell ya, but we managed to derive some pleasure from watching poor Robin Frijns in the Audi R8 LMS Ultra (Mein Gott!) fighting the mighty Bentley Continental GT3 of Maximilian Buhk aka SS20.

Dat last lap though!

Big fan, big fan!

We took some random pics of BGTS cars as we really needed to learn our new monstrous 50x optical zoom Sony camera with its fearsome 20MP. They’re pretty raw (pics, not MPs), it’s a fact we won’t deny. However, pics are pics and we will not keep them on our digital shelf.

Don’t enjoy!

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